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Who Run The World? GIRLS

The female owned businesses we admire

By Sammy Davidoff

For those of you who don’t know, March is Women’s History Month and in honor of that we wanted to talk a bit about fellow women owned businesses that we love and think you might too!

Being the owners and founders of a women owned business ourselves (C.B.Dough), we know that it can be difficult to get proper recognition or be taken seriously when starting out. In honor of March being Women’s history month, we thought it was important to point out and give recognition to other female owned businesses that inspire us.

Snow Monkey

This company was founded by female athletes who had a mission to reinvent the staple creamy frozen dessert as tasty fuel for a healthy, active lifestyle. They took something that would typically be an indulgence ( ice cream) and turned it into a nutritious and healthier dessert! They have a variety of delicious and unique plant based ice cream flavors available in stores all across the country.


A haircare line founded by a beachy California girl, representative of the laid-back Californian spirit and made using naturally derived botanicals with hand-selected clinical ingredients. Her mission was to create natural and effortless products that have the power to truly transform hair.

Eliza & Wyld

This female owned brand aims to deliver information, ideas and inspiration to help consumers understand and enjoy functional mushrooms, and adaptogenic herbs and all of their benefits. They have a variety of products that you could add into your daily intake seamlessly.


This mother-daughter duo created a snack brand with a mission of spreading awareness for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. They sustainably source and aim to make a positive impact on the planet. GoMacro wants to inspire consumers to have a healthy body, sharp mind, and bold spirit. Plus, they’re a delicious on-the-go snack that keeps you feeling good!


Cora is the ultimate female focused brand and we love what they do! Their mission is to nurture the unmatchable power of girls worldwide by providing organically made feminine care products that are good for our bodies and good at what they do. This brand also strives to educate women on how to understand our bodies better. The charitable aspect of the company, in which they give back to girls in underprivileged communities who can't afford feminine care products, is very admirable and makes supporting them that much sweeter!

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