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THC Infused Brownies

By Maddy Davidoff

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad experience with an edible 🙋‍♀️. I know it’s not just me because almost everyone I know has a hilarious (well, now it’s hilarious) story of when they ate an edible and got waaaayyy too high. Or, my absolute favorite, ate one edible, felt nothing an hour later, and then proceeded to eat another only to find themselves higher than they ever expected 4 hours after that. Almost 10 years ago now, Sammy and I found ourselves in a situation just like that...

One summer while Sammy and I were home from college, we decided to make some pot brownies. We procured weed from our mom’s boyfriend at the time (😂), sauteed it in some butter, and then made up our delicious (well, marijuana soaked) batch of brownies. Sammy, (my then boyfriend, now fiancè) Antoine and I all decided to try them out and watch a funny movie. We ate the brownies and nothing happened. We all sat there in silence watching the movie and discussing how we felt nothing. So, Sammy and Antoine decided to have a second brownie. As soon as the movie ended, we each awkwardly snuck away to bed without saying a word to each other. I didn’t find out how high all three of us were until the following morning… Let’s just say the rest of the evening included Sammy waking my mom in the middle of the night and asking her if she should call 911, Antoine asking me if I was awake and wanted to talk every 5 minutes and me pretending anxiously to be asleep. No one slept and all 3 of us had a nightmare experience. We all laugh about it now, but that night may have been one of the most anxiety ridden nights we’ve all ever had.

This, though, has not put me off edibles. I’m pretty sensitive to THC, so a small amount does wonders. Having a whole edible is a lot (I know…) but my tolerance just isn’t high enough to not get too high. Enter CBD. When we first started playing around with CBD in our cookie dough, I knew this was going to be my savior to my “too high” problem. If I add more CBD to THC (I’ll pick up 1:1 edibles at the dispensary or buy higher percentages of CBD in my pen cartridges) I get to enjoy the benefits of THC that so many people I know experience regularly. No panic, no anxiety, no insecurity. Just funny, relaxed and happy.

I have been wanting to add THC to our products for a loooooooong time, but with all of the regulations around it, it makes it really difficult for our CBD brand to go THC. Instead, I decided to play around in my home kitchen and report back to you all on Baked and Bossy! Plus, how else would I celebrate this fabulous holiday! I wanted to try two different ways to achieve a THC rich brownie:

1. With a THC tincture (an MCT oil based THC)

2. With cannabutter

Oil is great for its measurability, but can be harder to integrate into a recipe since its ambient state is essentially liquid (I won’t bore you with the science of baking.) Cannabutter substitutes beautifully for real butter in most recipes, but it’s harder to find pre-made, time consuming to make if you can’t find it and harder to adjust the THC levels in your baked goods. If you’re unable to find cannabutter at your local dispensary, there are recipes by almost every major food publication on the web. This one by Food52 is extremely detailed so if you’re looking for a fun cooking project, this is a great place to start. If you’re just looking to add a little kick to your C.B.Dough brownies and you can easily find THC tinctures near you, I’d suggest going the oil route.

For this recipe, I used Infusiasms THC tincture and Sweet Grass Kitchen cannabutter. The tincture measures at 10mg per serving– a super easy measuring conversion rate– and 60mg (to make each of the 6 brownies 10mg) was only 1 tablespoon of the infused oil. The cannabutter is a little harder to get exact. Each tablespoon of cannabutter is 10mg and since The Brownie mix only requires 4 tablespoons of butter, swapping it out gives you only 40mg per batch. There are a few ways to combat this if you want to up your THC:

1. You can sub some more butter out by adding THC tinctures with your cannabutter (i.e. 2 tbsp of cannabutter, one tablespoon of tincture and 1 tablespoon of real butter giving you a total of 80mg of THC per batch– if your tinctures and butter measure to the same degree as mine.)

2. You can cut the brownies into larger or smaller pieces (what I ended up doing)

3. If you’re making the cannabutter yourself– you can infuse more THC into your butter to increase the end result of milligrams per tablespoon

I decided to leave them as is and cut them into 8 pieces (slightly smaller brownies) but since each bite contained about 5mg of THC and 20mg of CBD, you can control your THC intake a little more carefully. For me, that is PERFECT. Just enough to notice without the panic or anxiety, but I could easily enjoy another if I didn’t get enough of what I wanted.

Ready to get started on your own THC version of The Brownies? Happy 4/20 people!!!


1 12 oz. package of C.B.Dough’s The Brownie mix

1 Egg (for The Brownie mix)

2 Tbsp water (for The Brownie mix)

1 recipe of cannabutter OR store bought cannabutter OR 1 bottle of THC edible tincture


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F. Lightly grease a 9” x 5” loaf pan with cooking spray (be careful not to over grease as it can cause crispy edges.)

  2. Prepare The Brownie mix according to package directions with egg and water.

  3. If using cannabutter, measure out 4 tablespoons of cannabutter (whether it’s store bought or homemade) and melt them gently in the microwave. once fully melted and cooled, pour cannabutter into brownie mix and mix until well combined.

  4. If using THC tincture, measure out desired milligram dosage amount of oil into a small bowl or measuring cup. Substitute oil for equal amount of butter, but be careful not to substitute too much. (For example, do not substitute 4 tablespoons of butter for THC tincture as you will not get a delicious chewy brownie result. I would suggest making a higher milligram dosage per tablespoon of cannabutter than using pure THC tincture to ensure you keep the chewy quality of the brownies.) Melt remaining butter needed to equal out to 4 tablespoons of oil/butter. Add both melted and cooled butter and THC tincture to mixing bowl and mix until well combined.

  5. Add to prepared baking pan and bake in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

  6. Allow brownies to cool fully before serving. Brownies are best enjoyed a few hours after cooking is completed, or even the next day!

  7. Enjoy responsibly (kind of… no judgement)!

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