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Is it really good for you?

Ingredients to avoid and to look for in food labels

By Sammy Davidoff

CBD is obviously one of the ingredients we use in our products. This specific ingredient has plenty of health and wellness benefits that we have discussed in other articles. Aside from CBD, I wanted to dig a little deeper into common ingredients you can find in today's grocery store food products. There are plenty of products that are marketed as “healthy” or “good for you” but contain some ingredients that are in fact the opposite. With our products at C.B.Dough we always opt to use all natural and organic ingredients. Therefore, you can be sure you're not putting any chemicals or “fake” ingredients into your body. Even though we are a dessert based brand, the health and wellness element still is a basis of our products. We only use natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients and no preservatives. We even have created the brownie and blondie baking mixes specifically to cater to those who have dietary restrictions or would just like to take a healthier approach and make them vegan!

Let’s dive into some ingredients to look for and to avoid in what you're buying:


  • Aspartame

  • It is said to increase your risk of cancer, and consumption can cause headaches, dizziness, and stomach issues

  • Partially Hydrogenated Oil

  • This is a trans fat that studies have shown was likely a cause of heart disease and an increased risk of diabetes

  • Artificial Flavoring or “Natural Flavors”

  • This ingredient when listed on the nutrition is basically a mix of chemicals that trick our brain into thinking we’re eating the real thing

  • Sodium Nitrite

  • An additive used to preserve freshness in foods for longer

  • Studies show that nitrites and nitrosamines may be linked to increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes, as well as different types of cancer

  • Carrageenan

  • Additive used in a lot of vegan products, known to cause inflammation and potential stomach/digestive issues

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Highly processed, genetically modified, and causes inflammation which can lead to more health risks

Look for

  • Products that don’t include the words “flavor” or “flavorings” paired with the food the flavor is supposed to imitate, this shows it’s artificial

  • Whole food ingredients (for example, butter, brown sugar, etc… ) rather than disguised fats like hydrogenated oil, palm oil, and preservatives like sodium nitrate

  • “Organic” before the ingredient helps assure you that there are no pesticides or preservatives that were used

We hope this helps you learn a bit more about what you are really putting into your body and noticing how consuming certain things makes you feel, because at the end of the day the food we eat should make us feel good!

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