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Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Maddy Davidoff

It’s ALMOST SUMMER. Which means, ice cream sandwiches. I decided I was in an extreme ice cream sandwich mood today and then I realized that my manicure matched The Baked logo, so I felt like it was a sign.

The Baked is my favorite cookie to use for ice cream sandwiches for a few reasons:

1. It’s easy because it’s already baked

2. It’s double the size of our other cookies so more cookie=more ice cream

3. Since it’s pre-baked and cooled, it holds onto the ice cream much better than a super fresh cookie. Plus it soaks in some of the delicious ice cream and makes the whole sandwich better.

So I grabbed my Breyer’s (any ice cream will work, but I had Breyer’s in the freezer) and put my sandwiches together. Then we sat outside in the beautiful weather and enjoyed them. Yes, it was only 60 degrees in Denver today, but regardless of how cold I was, the sandwich was f*cking delicious.

Makes 2 Ice Cream Sandwiches


1 box of C.B.Dough’s The Baked cookie

2 cups ice cream of choice


  1. Remove The Baked cookies from their packaging and line them up on a cutting board.

  2. Scoop 1 cup of ice cream onto one cookie, repeat for a second cookie.

  3. Take two remaining cookies and place them on top.

  4. Press together gently and enjoy!

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