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Adding CBD into your Daily Routine

Different ways to do so

By Sammy Davidoff

CBD comes in many forms, which is great if you would like to add CBD to your daily routine. Because you can get your dose in different ways, you can switch up how you incorporate it. Whether that be a tincture (drops) that you have in the morning or a mid-day sweets craving that you satisfy with a CBD cookie. I usually desire my CBD more when I am winding down from the day as it can help me relax and decompress.

I take self-care seriously and recently have become more aware of how it can truly help you be the best version of yourself. I have dedicated more time to my self-care regimen in the last year or so and since then, there has been no going back. It is definitely something to be prioritized because if you don't prioritize yourself then who will!?

A few ways in which you can try adding CBD into your self care routine are:

  • Listening to music or a podcast while baking CBDough brownies or blondies after dinner

  • Adding a CBD tincture to your coffee or eating a CBDough breakfast blondie (recipe on the blog) and then meditating for 15 min before starting your day

  • Having a spa night and eating CBD cookies while you do a face mask

  • Enjoying a glass of wine and a CBDough dessert while watching your favorite show

  • Taking a bath and having some CBDough cookies while you’re at it for the ultimate relaxation)

  • Eat a CBD dessert and then go for a walk to clear your head

  • Have some CBD (in whatever form) 30-60 min before bed for a very restful sleep

Whichever way you decide to add it into your daily routine is up to you but know that there are plenty of ways that it can be incorporated! We hope you can dedicate as much time as you can to your own self-care, and adding in a CBD dessert to help you wind down is a great way to end the work day and begin your me-time.

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