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Hi! We’re Maddy and Sammy Davidoff, two 20-something sisters who always dreamed of going into business together. We’re proud to say we made that dream a reality in 2020 when we launched C.B. Dough. Today, C.B. Dough offers a variety of CBD infused desserts, including brownies, blondies, and cookie dough you can bake and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Baked cookies are also available.

Here's a bit more about us!

Nice to meet you, I’m Sammy, and I’ve always known I had an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, when I was a kid I asked for a cash register for Christmas—seriously. My desire to go into business for myself took a short detour after college when I moved to LA and started working in marketing. It was during this time I had two big realizations. First, I love marketing, particularly harnessing the power of social media to drive brand awareness. Second, CBD is amazing! It has been life-changing for me by helping to manage my anxiety without the use of prescription medication. If you add in my ongoing love affair with desserts and baked goods, you can start to see the impetus for C.B. Dough.

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Hello, I’m Maddy, Sammy’s older sister. While Sammy has always been interested in business and marketing, food is my passion. After completing college and culinary school, I worked my way through various aspects of the food industry. This included everything from restaurants to test kitchens to manufacturing. And, let’s just say those experiences took the bloom off the rose. While I still loved food and cooking, I didn’t like most of what I saw, including a lot of sacrificing quality for quantity and cost savings. This is when the stars aligned, and Sammy and I decided to go into business together. The rest, as they say, is history.


Between Sammy’s experience in marketing and my background as a chef, C.B. Dough was the perfect recipe for our talents and desire to sweeten the art of self-care. We’re beyond proud of our family business and grateful for the opportunity to do things our way, which we believe is also the right way. At C.B. Dough, we uniquely combine artisan-produced, culinary-inspired baked goods and the calming effects of CBD to deliver a new way to indulge.


Baked and Bossy is an extension of C.B. Dough. We wanted a place where we could give our supporters more! Sammy contributes all things lifestyle, wellness, and CBD-related. I’m the lead when it comes to fun recipes that you can try out at home using our C.B. Dough products.


We’re so glad you’re here and appreciate your support! As a small, female-founded business, we’re committed to creating a space where all are welcome and treated equally and fairly. We hope Baked and Bossy is just that – plus a place to celebrate all things dessert and CBD!

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